Immediate Payday Loans

To buy the latest cell phone in the market, to pay for an unforeseen expense in your home, to extend your vacation … Bluebeard payday loans are valid for this and many other things. We do not ask you what you want your personal loan for! In these lines we show you everything you should know about this new form of financing that increasingly has more users.

Our payday loans

Payday loans: how, how much and when

Payday loans: how, how much and when

Our financing is granted entirely by Internet. That’s why many talk about personal loans online. This means that the request is made remotely, from home or from your mobile device, wherever you are, but with connection to the Network. The confirmation and transfer of the requested payday will also arrive electronically, without having to travel to any place. And the same happens with the payment, as we will see below.

The basic conditions for your loan to be accepted are to be of legal age, have an INE and a debit bank account.

The amount to receive depends on the applicant. If this is the first time you request a credit on our website, you can expect an amount of up to $ 5,000. But that limit will increase as you progress on our website, asking and paying your payday loans in a serious and timely manner. The maximum user level is Superturbo, which will allow you to request up to $ 12,000 pesos.

In terms of the term, Bluebeard gives you the possibility to choose the date you want, but also according to your level: at first you can only between 7 and 30 days, while in subsequent levels you can select a date of up to 3 months after the day of the request.

Details of the payment

As we said, these payday loans can be paid online, basically as follows:

  • By bank transfer: in this case the electronic transfer is valid from the Internet banking service of the user, but also from the practices or at the teller window, in person

And if the day of payment arrives and some inconvenience arises, the user can extend the term in a simple way in his personal area, prior to an extension fee. The maximum extension period is 30 days.